Dr Emily O’Leary

What is your experience?

  • Clinical Director of Anxiety House and OCD Clinic since 2010
  • Ten years’ experience with clients with OCD and anxiety
  • Clinical supervisor and STAP trained
  • Worked in public and private sectors for many years
  • Worked in acute inpatient and outpatients units
  • Regular speaker on radio and social media
  • Researcher and presenter at international conferences

What are your interest areas?

  • Working with adults
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Perinatal and post natal anxiety and depression
  • Hoarding Disorder

What motivates you in your practice?

  • “Seeing my clients achieve their mental health goals and “Smashing OCD”
  • “Seeing the positive impact treatment has on the families of those I work with”
  • “Always being reminded by my clients that there is something new to learn!”
  • “Feeling like I am genuinely involved in something meaningful”